Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Journey has Began

The journey of collecting untold stories has taken off since the start of May. We are engaging with the public to participate in revealing their historical stories, experiences and life in Grahamstown.
The themes that have been identified  are:

  1. Sport and Recreation
  2. Migration and Movement
  3. Human Rights
  4. Wars and Conflict
  5. Labour and Trade
  6. Education and Youth
  7. Arts and Culture
  8. Women and Health
  9. Heritage and Media
  10. Environmental Awareness
  11. Cultural Identity
  12. Faith and Reconciliation   

We have identified and approached some individuals concerning the various themes. The areas that we have visited include Fingo Village, Scott's farm and the Albany Road area. We have also spoken to some Schools including George Dickerson and St Mary's Catholic School, we interviewed religious leaders from the Anglican denomination as well as other Faith Leaders. 

We urge the public to come forward and comment or provide their own histories. The Busy Bees team can be contacted at (046) 622 2312 ext 231.     

These are pictures of some Historical sites we have visited. 

The old bakery in Albany road. one of the family we
 interviewed has been living in this house since 1958
St Phillip's Church in E-Street (Kwa Mnqayi), the structure was
  built from 1862 - 67 it is one of the oldest structures in Grahamstown.

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